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Lily Sayre   Inga Holm

Southwest Ranches (near Ft Lauderdale), FL 33330
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Successful rough-coated collie breeders in Florida… raising, training and showing top quality, healthy, intelligent normal-eyed  collies since 1962.

HOLMHAVEN COLLIES are intelligent. They have earned over 186 obedience and rally titles, including 20 Utility titles.. Two of our collies received Dog World Awards for their accomplishments in recognition of outstanding achievement. Elected Duke of Holmhaven, UD earned membership in Morris Animal Foundation’s Mark 500. As Collie breeders in Florida, we’ve been blessed with the ability to provide Collie lovers  with loving additions to their families.

HOLMHAVEN COLLIES are beautiful, but we prefer to show in obedience rather than conformation events. As rough collie breeders, we have bred Champions. This is in spite of the fact that we don’t sell to “show kennels”. Our rough collies for sale, first and foremost, must live in a home and be part of a family where they are loved for themselves. Their show accomplishments should only be in addition to their primary function—family member. As a Florida collie breeder, we maintain a small number of collies that all live in our home as our companions.

HOLMHAVEN COLLIES have ability. As a rough-coated collie puppy breeder, we want our collies to have the natural herding ability for which they were bred. This is one reason our collies for sale are such excellent family dogs. They care about home and want to protect their “flock”. Their herding instinct makes them especially good with children.

HOLMHAVEN COLLIES are healthy. We know that you want a healthy, sound collie. All our collie puppies are guaranteed to be healthy and free from congenital defects. All our breeding collies are normal-eyed (75 percent to 85 percent of the collies in the US are affected) and many are non-carriers of the collie eye anomaly.  Our collie puppies for sale in Florida have eye certificates or are confirmed to be normal-eyed or non-carriers through DNA testing of themselves or their parents.   By years of selective breeding for function as well as beauty, HOLMHAVEN collie breeders can assure you of receiving a dog that will make you proud and happy.

HOLMHAVEN COLLIES love to play. Here they are having a good time: Check out Holmhaven Collies at Play.

From The Atlantic Monthly, on “Finding a Dog”:  Select your dog from among those being bred for ability and temperament–whether you want the dog to perform a function or merely to serve as a pet.

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HOLMHAVEN COLLIES are giving this kind of joy to their owners. We’d like you to join our Holmhaven family with one of our collie puppies for sale in Florida. With your collie you will receive:

  1. Complete veterinary record of up-to-date vaccinations and worming.
  2. Free feeding and care instructions.
  3. Eye Examination and/or DNA eye report.
  4. Four-generation pedigree.
  5. Free obedience booklet and personalized lessons.
  6. Health Certificate from veterinarian
  7. AKC Registration Application form.
  8. Microchip, including the registration fee

All collies are registered with the American Kennel Club.

Lily Sayre, owner of Holmhaven Collies, has been a member of the Collie Club of America for over 50 years.  Visitors are welcome by appointment.